August 14, 2006

Social Networking Grows Up

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Well, the “secret project” has finally come to completion!

I have been working with the developers of this product for about 6 months, but it has been several years in the making. An international team of programmers, developers, consultants and other experts have worked tirelessly to get this project to where it is today, and I’m proud to be a part of it.

I’m even prouder to roll out ZOINTS to the NICO community.

What is Zoints?

Zoints is a community-based social network and profile system that will take forums like ours to a whole new level.. By its very design, Zoints is meant to benefit online communities and their members.

A little editorialization from yours truly, if I may….
A disturbing trend has been taking place lately – Forums, which are ordinarily run by people who are PASSIONATE about the subject matter, and who CARE about their members’ experiences, are being usurped by corporate entities…

These corporate conglomerates (I’ll keep their names to myself, but one of them starts with E and rhymes with “Redmunds”) know NOTHING about cars, but they want our traffic. They’ll spend a fortune to get it, too. They’ll do whatever it takes to make sure they surpass grassroots sites like NICO in the search engines, EVEN if they don’t have the depth of content that we have!

Zoints is designed to help keep the Internet democratic and free from corporate control and censorship by empowering the operators of online communities and their members.

Rather than a few large companies controlling the users’ experience, Zoints is working to ensure that the beautiful diversity and INDEPENDENCE of the online community continues to flourish.

Press release for the OFFICIAL launch of Zoints is scheduled for tomorrow.

Want to read some more? Check out!

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