February 8, 2007

2008 Nissan GTR Spotted in the US!

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Last year, we brought you a heavily camoflaged shot of the rear-end of a GTR test mule, as it was leaving Nissan’s Proving Grounds just outside Phoenix, Arizona.That was the last we saw of the GTR stateside, and the picture unleashed a storm of argument among non-aficioados on “other” boards, with inane comments like “That there’s a G35, I’ve seen ’em!”

The part they missed was that the G35 body panels were used to disguise the raw, unfinished drivetrain mule. Hell, we even created an overlay of the GTR rear view which mated up perfectly. That wasn’t enough for them.

Now we get a pic taken in New Mexico, where numerous auto manufacturers conduct high-altitude drivetrain testing, and this time it’s damn near naked.

Aside from the front end being concealed by a shoddy nose mask, it’s exactly as we expected and remains truer to the concept drawings than we anticipated.

It also appears Nissan is returning to their oft-missed relationship with Brembo, as the trademark gold calipers peek out from behind some of the most gorgeous wheels (19″ front, 20″ rear) we’ve ever laid eyes on.

So, Godzilla comes to New Mexico. We’re betting the crew at Area 51 is used to seeing high-tech, low-flying silver objects, but none with the attitude and legacy that this one carries with it.

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