July 26, 2006

How To Save a Ton of Money on Your Vehicle Repairs

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We’ve all seen the commercials for auto insurance companies:  The ones featuring the talking lizard, the ones describing a company that gives you quotes for competitors, the ones with people prattling on about saving tons of money on their car insurance…

Well, there’s not much need for car insurance if your ride won’t run, and modern automotive technological advances have lulled many drivers into a false sense of security. 

Despite all the electronic monitoring, high-tech geegaws, on-board diagnostics, “lifetime” spark plugs, and long-life motor oils, let’s face it:  Modern cars still operate on internal combustion engines, four rubber tires and other “low-tech” engineering.

With dealer service rates hovering between $70 and $130 per hour, even a simple diagnosic check can put a dent in your wallet.  But, routine maintenance is a necessity, with new car prices averaging between $20,000 and $30,000.

If you’re a Nissan or Infiniti owner, you’re in luck. and are staffed by factory-trained and certified Techs, who browse through these forums on a daily basis, looking for people to help (think of them as the “Roadside Assistance” of the Internet!) 

Say your car is making a funny noise.  Simply pop in at one of the aforementioned sites, describe the issue, subscribe to the thread, and as soon as replies are received, you’re notified via email – It’s as easy as that.

You’re getting a “check engine” light?  Great! We can show you a simple method to find out exactly what your car is trying to tell you, without spending a lot of money on professional diagnostics – And it’s as simple as counting the number of times athe light flashes!

Or. perhaps you’ve been to the local mechanic, and he’s given you a list of “repairs needed”.  Again, simply log into or, tell them what your mechanic said, and get a “Second opinion”.  And a third.  And a fourth.

Let’s say you’ve been to the dealer, and they’ve run a diagnostic on your car.  Again, pop in, describe the results, and within hours, you’ll have some “insider knowledge” to help you decide your next course of action.

Perhaps it’s something you can repair yourself, saving hundreds of dollars.  We’ll walk you through the repair, with accurate technical information.  Chances are, someone has done it before and has documented the requirements, step-by-step.

Or, maybe you’ll need a part – in that case, there are several OEM Nissan / Infiniti parts suppliers who sponsor the Online Mechanic and offer HUGE discounts, just for logging in and getting assistance!

So stop in and check it out – Make sure to include all the pertinent information that the techs will need, such as year, make and model, mileage, prior repair history, any modifications, and anything else that might help the techs “zero in” on the problem.

Tell all your friends about the Nissan Online Mechanic and the Infiniti Online Mechanic!

July 21, 2006

John Hennessey, famed Viper tuner, shows true colors…

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Hennessey created quite the stir when he “called out” a fellow automotive enthusiast in a public forum.

 However, it couldn’t have gone more awry for the guy famous for building some of the world’s baddest Vipers.

His inability to professionally handle his detractors, coupled with a lengthy history of apparent bad business dealings, turned a relatively quiet Chrysler 300C forum into the busiest spot on the web today.

Hennessey badmouths anyone and everyone involved, and seems incapable of pointing his vitriolic attitude back at the apparent true cause of the drama – Himself. 

So fix a sandwich, prop up your feet, and enjoy the slugfest – And when you see it hit the print magazines, you can say you read about it “way back when”.

Read about the whole sordid mess here:

July 17, 2006

Nissans Invade Atlanta, Locals Panic.

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That’s right…you heard it! is once again pairing up with NOPI for the NOPI Nationals in Atlanta, for the All-Nissan Invasion!

Last year, we took home the Club Participation Trophy and DOMINATED the infield with our hospitality, the NICO Models, and TONS of hot Nissans.  We’re gonna DOUBLE last years’ attendance – Looking forward to Nissans outnumbering everything else in attendance!

Mark your calenders for September 16th & 17th, as this will be by far the biggest Nissan owners’ meet ever! Check this forum for hotel information and registration!

July 16, 2006 Unveiled

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Yet another masterpiece from Matt and his creative genius… is now LIVE, with over 300 fully-downloadable and viewable Nissan Commercials from the past 40 years.

Stop in and check it out!

July 12, 2006

The 240sx Convertible forum….

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…has been an outstanding success!  When we first bought, there was little to no information on the web for owners of these rare and awesome (but oft-overlooked) cars.  Now, Street Vision Garage has modified one for a TV series, Nissan Performance Magazine is doing a full build on one for an article series, and a 240sx Convertible Registry has been founded.

In addition, 240sx Convertible owners have come out of the woodwork to gather and share technical information and how-to’s, creating an instant community and consolidating useful information in one place.

Even if you’re not a 240sx Convertible owner, stop on in at and have a look around!  Who knows, you may decide to buy one before they become collectible!

Only a couple more days…

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…until we unleash some BIG news on the Internet world!

Make sure you go over to and set up an account, we’re going to need LOTS of people voting for our article to bump it to the top!

July 11, 2006

New resource for Nissan Murano owners released!

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As of today, is LIVE!  So far, we’ve already seen a sneak preview of the supercharged Murano GT-C, and members are streaming in to discuss their Murano – Certainly an underserved vehicle across the web, which we aim to rectify! 

With the Murano sharing a platform with the G35 and 350Z, it’s simply a matter of time before some enterprising enthusiast builds the ULTIMATE Nissan Murano – And when it happens, you’ll be able to read all about it on .

More 350Z resources added!

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Matt once again came through with some outstanding design, and coupled with some early-release info from an un-named source, has a new look.  We added some content pertaining to Nissan’s 350Z GT-S ( and the Cobra N+ modifications to the 350Z Roadster (

 As continues to grow, we’re seeing more and more rumors and innuendo about possibilities for 2007 / 2008. Our guess is we’ll see a light freshening of the bodywork for 2007, followed by some engine / drivetrain changes for 2008 – Possibly even a 450Z, utilizing Infiniti’s venerable VK45DE engine.

July 7, 2006

Hello world!

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Greetings all! 

As they say, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step (or a quick snick into first gear and a dump of the clutch), so here it is – The blog.

 This will hopefully turn into a place where open discussion reigns, unconstrained by the rules of public forums… a place where I can share a little insight into my projects, and a place where we can laugh, learn and have a little fun.

 So, without further ado, we’re set to launch.  Buckle your seatbelts, let’s go burn some rubber.  🙂

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