August 28, 2006

Nissan's New Corporate Engine – Improving on Perfection

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How do you improve upon the only engine in the world to appear on Ward’s
10-Best Engines list for 12 consecutive years?

According to, Nissan has the formula:

Start with a completely redesigned cylinder block with significantly
improved rigidity, increase the redline to 7500 rpm, increase fuel
efficiency by 10%, throw in continuously variable valve timing control
(CVTC) on the intake side and electromagnetic valve timing control (e-VTC)
on the exhaust side, decrease friction through application of the world’s
first hydrogen-free, diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating of internals, add
super-ignition iridium spark plugs, and fast light-off O2 sensor
control… Whew!  That ought to do it!

The new VQ35HR engine will be used in the 2007 G35 Sedan and the 2007
350Z. The G35 Coupe will keep the VQ35DE for the time being, likely being
the first recipient of the new 3.7 liter derivation in 2008.

The letters “HR” in VQ35HR and VQ25HR stand for “high revolution” and
“high response.”  Early reports claim and even BETTER exhaust note than
the current VQ, and significantly more power…

Stay tuned for, brought to you by NICO!

August 22, 2006

Exclusive: Nissan Sport Magazine Sneak Preview!

Filed under: Nissan News / Infiniti News — greg @ 11:25 pm EXCLUSIVE: Nissan Sport Sneak Preview! has obtained EXCLUSIVE access to the full table of contents of the premiere issue of Nissan Sport.

Nissan Sport, an all new magazine for Nissan, Infiniti, and Datsun enthusiasts is set to come out in September. 

And is the FIRST to give YOU a sneak peek at the new issue!!!

HERE is a copy of the magazine’s table of contents just days before it is being shipped off to the printer.

Remember, you saw it on first! Joins Forces With GT Live For NICOfest!

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NICOclub presents the first annual NICOfest at GT Live!

NICOFest at GT LIVE and GT LIVE have teamed up to bring you the hottest Nissan meet ever!

NICOFest will offer no less than four different participation options including a car show, time attack, rally-cross and drifting, all as part of GT LIVE.

Come cheer on the Unitech 350Zs in Grand Am or the 240sx’s and GT-Rs in the GT Track Attack Championship. A few lucky individuals will also be able to get some hot laps in a real race or time attack car.

At the core of NICOFest will be a welcome tent and Nissan-specific vendor area.  And yes, you may participate in more than one activity.

When: October 6-8, 2006
Where: Virginia International Raceway, 1245 Pine Tree Road, Alton, VA (434)-822-7700.

More info: GT Live Tour Info

Tickets:  $40 gets you admission for BOTH days of activities.  Bring your camera, there’s gonna be lots to see!!!

NICOfest Content:                                                                                                 All GT LIVE ticket holders are invited into NICOfest automatically. The festival will be inside the GT LIVE venue at VIR as part of the entire GT LIVE weekend. Come by and check out all of the Nissan tuner cars, Nissan parts vendors and Nissan-specific displays.

Nissan Race Cars on Display and on the Track!
A number of Nissan race and time attack cars will be on display as part of GT LIVE.

Enter the NICOfest Car Show!
Nissan owners can register to participate in the NCCA Car Show.
Registration is through NCCA ( and participation is $25.

Participate in a Time Attack as part of Tarzan’s Lap Battle!
Want to get your Nissan on-track for some hot laps? Sign up in the Nissan category of Tarzan’s Lap Battle (limited to 60 cars) and battle it out for lap times on the 1.1 mile road course. Information on Tarzan’s Lap Battle is here:  Participation is $175.

Hit the Dirt in Rally-X!                                                                                         Ever wonder what it would be like to rally your car?  Now you can find out at the NASA-run GT LIVE Rally-X on the VIR rally course.  Participation is $25 a day.

Amateur Drifting!
As part of the U.S. Drift Shootout we’ll be offering complete amateurs as well as more experienced drivers the chance to drift the 1.1-mile VIR Patriot Touge course. Participation will run you $125.

We’ll also have a “Drift 101” for the REAL novices that will likely be cheaper….

NICOfest participants AND fans alike can enhance their festival experience with a GT LIVE VIP Pass. There are no convenient and local places off-track to eat but fortunately, the food at VIR is excellent. The GT LIVE Pass hospitality package is only $65 and entitles you to breakfast, lunch and dinner for both Saturday and Sunday in our exclusive hospitality lounge at the Pagoda in the North Paddock. That’s $65 for six catered meals in our exclusive lounge. Do the math and sign up now!

More info available here:

August 18, 2006

2006 All-Nissan INVASION!

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NICOclub, the Internet’s largest forum for Nissan enthusiasts, looks to be well on the way to dominating again at the NOPI Nationals in Atlanta, GA.

Keep an eye on our progress here, and if you need more information on how to join us at the World’s Largest All-Nissan Meet, click here!

August 15, 2006

Supercharged 240sx – Tech Article

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Leave it to the original (and largest) Nissan forum on the web to have the first article on a supercharged KA engine!  Supercharger guru Thomas “Geoff” Knight of Florida designed the 240sx supercharger kit, which was installed by Justin Shar…

Read all about it here:  Nissan 240sx Supercharger Install

Hey – Wonder why none of those “other” Nissan forums are doing this stuff?

August 14, 2006

Social Networking Grows Up

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Well, the “secret project” has finally come to completion!

I have been working with the developers of this product for about 6 months, but it has been several years in the making. An international team of programmers, developers, consultants and other experts have worked tirelessly to get this project to where it is today, and I’m proud to be a part of it.

I’m even prouder to roll out ZOINTS to the NICO community.

What is Zoints?

Zoints is a community-based social network and profile system that will take forums like ours to a whole new level.. By its very design, Zoints is meant to benefit online communities and their members.

A little editorialization from yours truly, if I may….
A disturbing trend has been taking place lately – Forums, which are ordinarily run by people who are PASSIONATE about the subject matter, and who CARE about their members’ experiences, are being usurped by corporate entities…

These corporate conglomerates (I’ll keep their names to myself, but one of them starts with E and rhymes with “Redmunds”) know NOTHING about cars, but they want our traffic. They’ll spend a fortune to get it, too. They’ll do whatever it takes to make sure they surpass grassroots sites like NICO in the search engines, EVEN if they don’t have the depth of content that we have!

Zoints is designed to help keep the Internet democratic and free from corporate control and censorship by empowering the operators of online communities and their members.

Rather than a few large companies controlling the users’ experience, Zoints is working to ensure that the beautiful diversity and INDEPENDENCE of the online community continues to flourish.

Press release for the OFFICIAL launch of Zoints is scheduled for tomorrow.

Want to read some more? Check out!

August 10, 2006

A Corn Cob For The 'Greenies'

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Ethanol, schmethanol. Hogwash.

Next time you see some holier-than-thou treehugging greenie in an Insight or Prius looking down their nose at you as you burn rubber away from the stoplight, you can wait for them at the next stoplight and hand them this: It takes a lot of petroleum in the form of diesel fuel, fertilizer, plastic and pesticides to produce and distribute corn and turn it into moonshine — about 7 barrels of oil to produce 8 barrels of corn-based ethanol. Making ethanol from sugar would be worse because formidable U.S. trade barriers push the cost of sugar far above the world price (making Brazil’s ethanol industry irrelevant). Making ethanol from waste is hypothetical for now, as is the uncertain cost. Because ethanol can’t flow through pipelines, it is twice as expensive as oil to transport — by fuel-burning truck or rail.Unfortunately, there is much less energy in 8 gallons of ethanol than in the 7 gallons of gasoline-equivalent needed to produce it. The Energy Department estimates the highway mileage of a Nissan Titan drops from 18 mpg to 13 mpg by switching to E85 (85 percent ethanol).

Don’t get me started on the environmental impact of building a new car and recycling an old one, rather than just keeping an old one well-maintained.

Or do.

That’s a topic for another day.

Go burn some hydrocarbons, kids. Viva la combustion!

Stop in and share your thoughts at

August 9, 2006

Webmaster Tips: Fostering Loyalty on Your Forums

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Running a successful forum requires enormous commitments, ones that few people are able to sufficiently make. After all, you’ll spend countless time, effort and money on developing an idea, creating a forum, promoting your site, pursuing membership, posting content, optimizing for search results… Not to mention the day-to-day investment of managing a staff, keeping up with technical bugaboos and putting out those inevitable “fires” that seem to come at the most inopportune time.

Yet some forum owners seem to be on Easy Street. Their members police themselves, their staff goes above and beyond what’s asked of them, and volunteers pop out of the woodwork almost before the need arises.

Well, I’m one of these fortunate owners. Quite simply, I try to foster loyalty, because loyal members not only stick around, they’re more likely to spread the word about your forums for you – and THAT is powerful stuff.

So, what do those select few forum owners do differently than the rest to develop a loyal membership? Here’s a start:

1) Welcome your new people.

This doesn’t simply mean post up a generic “Welcome to The Forums!” every time you run across a member whose screen name you don’t recognize. This means taking a minute, reviewing new members’ profiles, and maybe adding a personalized touch. It can be a comment on their hometown, their avatar, even their screen name. “Hey, welcome to The Forums! I see you’re from Ozark. I was born about 10 miles from there. What’s the area like now?” People LOVE to talk about themselves – after all, that’s why they’re on a web forum. This all but guarantees a return poster (which you want), and allows an opportunity for others to converse with the new member as well (which you really want).

Say you run a larger forum, like I do – At 70 new members per day, there’s simply no way I could keep up with this many “Welcomes”. Rather, I’ve fostered this type of welcoming attitude among all of my Administrators and Moderators. Roaming the site, handling their day-to-day “duties”, they recognize new people coming into their assigned areas and can extend the same warm greetings. They feel genuinely welcomed and in turn are more likely to feel comfortable welcoming others This is STEP ONE in fostering loyalty among your members.

2) Answer questions.

Yes, even those that are discussed on your forums ad nauseum. So many forums, especially those with a lot of technical information, make the mistake of saying, “Search, n00b!” to new people with seemingly obvious (or just plain dumb) questions. While it’s more than acceptable to point out the location of the “Search” button and how it works, a rude response most likely will either turn them away, or worse, make them a “troll”, eager to fight. Besides, if everything has already been discussed, and everything is searchable, then you have a LIBRARY, not a FORUM. Bleh.

Lead by example here. Remind your team that they were all “rookies” once, and embrace a culture of assistance. While you don’t need to respond to new questions by repeating basic information over and over, I like to take the following tack: “Welcome aboard! There’s a TON of great information here related to your question – The quick answer is, yes, 300ZX brakes CAN be succesfully adapted for use on your 240sx. Here’s a link to our Tech Forum, which will tell you all about it, and more information on other modifications you may be interested in!” You’ve just turned that person into a welcoming member of your community, and I can guarantee you they’ll be among the ones who helps out new people in the future – That’s STEP TWO in fostering loyalty on your forums.

3) Be human.

Don’t simply be an ominous (and anonymous) avatar and screenname. Be a human being. Allow your members and your staff a glimpse into your life. This can be something as simple as posting a picture thread where members share pics of themselves. Or, you can go a step further, like we did. We have an entire “Meet The Staff” page, with a bio for the CEO, Administrators and Moderators. People love to read this stuff, and it seems to encourage a more intimate atmosphere. My team and membership knows an awful lot about me, and as a result, they open up and I learn a lot about them. Even with 37,000+ members, there’s still a sense of “belonging” – And that is STEP THREE in developing a loyal forum following.

4) Hold “off-board” events.

This is relatively easy for us as an automotive forum, as we host national and regional-level car shows throughout the year. Off-board events give your membership a chance to meet in person, get to know each other better, network with one another and place names with faces (or screennames). People innately want to be a part of something that’s bigger than themselves, and hosting an off-board event is a perfect way to develop life-long friendships. We’ve had two marriages and a childbirth as a result of our off-board meetings, and countless friendships have blossomed.

Plan an outing to a trade show relevant to your forum topic, or a tour of a company that advertises with you. In the absence of any of these ideas, a simple “Meet & Greet” dinner can be planned. Make an effort to be present, even if it means some travel. Take pictures, post them up, show what a good time everyone had – Not only does this encourage more traffic (who doesn’t love seeing pictures of themself on a forum?), conversation and discussion, but it’s also STEP FOUR to fostering real member loyalty.

5) Take care of your staff.

It’s so easy to fall into the “If you want something done right, do it yourself” routine when running a forum. But the reality is, without the input of several other people, your “vision” can result in a narrow and single-minded direction for your forums. Convey your vision to your staff frequently, and you’ll rapidly see who’s “with you” in your efforts. For 3 years, my goal has been to be the biggest and best Nissan website on the Internet. Lofty, yes. But I have an entire team of staff who bust their tails in pursuit of that same goal, and we’re succeeding in our mission.

Empower your staff to make decisions on their own, and then BACK THEM UP. They are often your members’ only insight into how things work on your forum, and they should convey your vision through their actions. Even if you feel something wasn’t handled perfectly, resist the temptation to criticize, and if/when you do, make sure it happens in a private forum (or better yet, off-board). Allow mistakes to be made, recognize successes and give genuine praise frequently and you’ll reap the benefits, because that’s STEP FIVE in fostering loyalty among your staff.

 Want to stop in and see what we’ve done?  Welcome to

Nissan Versa Forum is Wildly Successful

Filed under: Nissan News / Infiniti News — greg @ 3:26 pm, a forum devoted to owners and fans of the newly-released Nissan Versa, has been a smashing success. 

Reviews, news, and even some aftermarket modifications are being discussed. The site is seeing record traffic, and NICOclub staff are currently seeking a moderator to oversee activity in the growing Versa forum.

Stop on in at and tell us what you think!

August 8, 2006

The "other" Nissan Forum is Imploding

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On a whim, as I do on occasion, I pop into other forums to see what they’re saying about us… It’s good to keep an eye out, see what we’re doing right and what we can improve upon. 

Today, at the “other” Nissan forum (one that USED to be competition but is now not trafficked enough to matter), it appears the walls are caving in.

One of their long-time moderators (we’ll call him “Ross”) has been spouting the age-old “Search, n00b!” crap for years.  He’s convinced that since he learned everything he learned in the pre-‘net days, that everyone should be as industrious as him.  He’s also enough of a blowhard to convince the uninitiated that he actually knows what he’s talking about.  

Ignore the fact that he’s a middle-aged man driving a 95 240sx…. Apparently all that industriousness does not make one keep up with the times.

This particular moderator takes occasional potshots at NICOclub (, claiming it’s “full of n00bs” and “lacking technical information”.  Again, he’s living in the past, as NICOclub is home to more accurate tech info than that site ever had.  Apparently he’s unfamiliar with,, and our Online Mechanic forums. 

Apparently he’s not heard that more successful CA swaps reside on NICO, nor is he aware that NICO is home to some of the foremost experts on the RB-series motor.  The VH45 and VH41 motors are well-known by NICO members, and the KA-T forum there is regarded as the best on the net.

There’s a reason NICOclub is home to FORTY different (and well-respected) advertisers.  They know it’s a place that prides itself on staying current, and our staff includes 2 Nissan Master Techs and an Infiniti Master Tech, as well as over a dozen ASE-Certified technicians. 

SO, as it plays out, the administrative staff take particular notice of one thread, in which this moderator (“Ross”) recommended to a new member that he commit suicide by shotgun for simply asking about a headlight swap.  Apparently, this new member is also a close relative of an employee of Nissan Corporate.  Hilarity ensues. 

Administrative staff confronts “Ross” with his idiocy and poor judgement.  In response, “Ross” decides to take his ball and go home, but not before posting a heart-wrenching farewell worthy of a made-for-TV movie.  Kleenex stock skyrockets.

Anyhow, now the “loyalists” have come out of the woodwork, claiming their undying devotion to this moron as he threatens to leave.  Apparently, their devotion was insufficient to pull him aside and tell him that a forum with no discussion = a library.

Currently, brighter minds have prevailed over there.  One of NICO’s former admins, who left to go do some “charity work” and revive the stumbling forum, learned a long time ago that new people are the lifeblood of the forum.  Without them, it becomes a bunch of old men sitting around on the porch, telling lies and bragging about how good they “used to be”. 

The current Admin has gotten some support from another moderator there, whom we’ll call “Chad”, who’s a bright guy – he “gets it”.  Unfortunately for the “other” forum, it’s all too little, too late.

We’ll not keep you updated on this story as it develops – It’s simply not newsworthy.

What IS newsworthy is this: – Review the history of Nissan’s concept vehicles in pictures… Enjoy!

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