May 29, 2008

Unreal Imports – Poser or Not?

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You make the call – Apparently, anyone can call themselves a “broker” and claim to import Skylines. But this guy made 2 mistakes: Claiming to be able to register and title his cars, and being disrespectful to a whole forum full of Nissan owners.

Unreal Imports

May 22, 2008

Importing a Skyline Just Got Easier

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NHTSA has just released the infamous “Addendum A,” the “Holy Grail” for any registered importer to bring a 1996 – 1998 Skyline into compliance with Federal standards.

Read more:  Skyline Importation Just Got Easier

May 8, 2008

Altima Coupe Forums a HUGE Success!

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NICOclub’s dedicated forums for Altima Coupe owners were launched less than a week ago, and they’re already seeing over 1000 visitors per day!

The Altima Tuning Forum is the place to discuss Altima performance modifications and mechanical repair, and there are already several active discussions on body kits, repair, modifications, interior styling and internal/external lighting.

Obama and Hillary Love NICOclub…

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Politics?  On a Nissan forum?  Have you lost your freakin’ MIND?

Yep – We went there.  And it’s working well.  Stop on in and talk politics with the members of NICoclub.

Rave and rant about the Presidential Election.

Engage in a discussion of CAFE / CARB.

Tell us all about your local Osama sightings.

Find out whether Hillary wears boxers or briefs.

All this and MORE in the NICOclub Politics Forum!

Nissan Wheel and Tire Tech Resource!

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Ever wonder what size tires you should run on your Nissan?  Curious about new wheels, but don’t know where to start?  Want a certain “look”, but your local tire shop just isn’t very helpful?

Check out NICOclub’s Nissan Tire and Wheel Tech Articles for all you need to know to get your ride rolling the right way!

Check out SkidMarks, NICOclub's newest column!

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Pop in and check out Skidmarks, a periodic column by NICOclub’s Guest Contributor Jerry Hofschneider. Skidmarks is an eclectic assortment of irreverent, humorous, and sometimes nostalgic commentaries on automotive-related themes. Pull up a chair, crack open a beverage, and enjoy Jerry’s wit and wisdom (and nearly 50 years of car enthusiasm) as he muses and rambles like only an old car guy can!

SkidMarks – Commentary and Editorials From a Nissan Enthusiast

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