March 29, 2007

Project Vert Series Completed – Read The Series!

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Over the past eight weeks, we’ve been documenting the buildup and modifications on NICOclub’s 240sx Convertible.  From purchase, to disassembly, to its first iteration as a mild street cruiser, to full-blown boulevard terror… Read along as the staff of NICOclub take you through the transformation of this amazing and unique vehicle!

Part I  can be found here – We hope you enjoy the series!

March 21, 2007

2008 Infiniti G Coupe : G37?

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Without much fanfare at this point, pictures of the new 2008 Infiniti G Coupe have finally been released. There has been a lot of speculation about this refresh ever since the release of the Infiniti Concept last year. In January, a conceptual drawing was released of the upgraded G as a teaser prior to its reveal at the April New York Auto Show in April.

The images above show the pre-production G Coupe apparently being put through its paces. From the photo’s, we clearly see aesthetic changes with the headlights and tail lights. The new grille matches that of the ’07 Sedan and the lower facia looks to include a plastic center grille with dual air intakes on each side. The headlights are a more aggressive approach from the previous generation.

From a suspension standpoint, a 20″ rim/tire combo will be used, as will 4-wheel ABS. There will be an optional 4WAS (Four Wheel Active Steering) system similar to that offered with the current 2007 Sedan.

What about the engine? Read the rest of the article here!

Infiniti G37 Coupe

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