August 31, 2007

Infiniti EX35 – Building on Momentum

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There is a tremendous buzz already among industry watchers and enthusiasts about the Infiniti EX35. Due to be released in December, the EX35 will indeed be a Luxury CUV (Crossover Utility Vehicle).

When one considers the pedigree – over the last 5 years, Infiniti’s vehicles have changed the industry at the luxury level – betting on a new Infiniti looks pretty smart. Every new Infiniti model introduced since February 2002 has become an automotive icon.

However, this vehicle starts with a tried and true high performance platform, adds an award-winning, powerful and fuel-efficient V6 motor, presents this potent combination in a spectacularly beautiful design, and finishes with positively cutting-edge technology. Targeted smartly at urban empty-nesters, Infiniti expects the EX35 to be its second-leading volume vehicle.

The 2003 G35 Sedan started things, serving notice on BMW that they were no longer alone. The G35 Coupe rocketed Infiniti to the top of the segment previously held by the 3-Series. The FX and the QX56 demonstrated superiority in the Luxury Crossover and Luxury Full-Size SUV segments respectively. The M firmly established Infiniti as a genuine power in the Luxury Mid-Size Sedan segment. With the M in the picture, Lexus and Mercedes experienced the same phenomenon that BMW already knew well. Consumer Reports called the M “the best car they’ve ever tested”, and buyers flocked to the showrooms.

As a manufacturer, Infiniti is no longer a second-tier “also ran”. So, expect the EX35 to be special. Expect it to set the bar higher – yet again. Expect to be amazed by the latest offering from Infiniti – the EX35.

The internet is full of EX35 items. Try this one for new perspectives:

August 30, 2007

2007 FX45 vs. Mercedes ML500

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On paper, the 2007 Infiniti FX45 and the 2007 Mercedes-Benz M-Class are comparable luxury SUVs. Which one is a better sports SUV for the money? Which one performs better? Is there a clear winner?

Read all about it here:

2007 FX45 vs. Mercedes ML500

August 23, 2007

Altima Convertible? Let's see….

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What does the Nissan community think about the prospect of an Altima convertible? We’re hearing rumblings from our sources at NNA that it’s under serious consideration.  I personally love the idea, as the current crop of droptops is simply dismal.

See pictures of the proposed Altima Convertible and read more about it here:  Altima Convertible Pictures!

August 17, 2007

Nissan Parts Vendors to Avoid

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It’s time to bring you another installment of Deadbeat Bingo!

I’m continually impressed with the dedication and loyalty of 99% of our advertisers. They do a great job taking care of the members of, and I hope you all consider them over an outside source any time you purchase Nissan / Infiniti parts.Every bushel has its bad apples, and I’m sad to say we’ve had a few deadbeat advertisers, who have taken advantage of NICO’s willingness to work with small businesses – We forego late charges, penalties and interest on outstanding invoices (because it’s simply the right thing to do, in business, and in life).

Feel free to notify others, as a company that can’t keep its commitments to its supporting forums is unlikely to take good care of its customers.

So, without further ado, here’s the list of companies that have failed to keep up their end of the bargain with your Nissan  forums… All have more than a month’s worth of outstanding invoices, and we’ve exhausted all available methods of contacting those responsible.

1) HID Vision ( – Owes $350.

2) West Coast Turbo ( – Owes $350.

3) Boost Designs (defunct) – Perry J. Oakley, Panama City, FL – Owes well over $1K.

4) KA24DE ( – Michel Mikse – Owes $625.

5) TechImportz ( – Warren Melliza – Owes $525.

6) Hybrid Performance ( – Orlando, FL – Owes $350.

7) Stylin’ Motors ( – Sigurd Illokken, Cincinnati OH – Owes $875.

8) Custom Enterprise ( – Greg Chickneas – Owes $800.

9) Tuning Factory ( – Dan / Joe – Owes $200.

10) Express Fuel Pumps ( – Steve – Owes $225.

11) CoWay HID / PTR Online ([email protected]) – Roger Ho-Yen – Owes $150.

12) Tyrant Motorsports ([email protected]) – Owes $150.

August 15, 2007

Top Ten Automotive Design Trends That Suck

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Automakers, take note: This one’s directed squarely at your design staff. Quit paying them until they get a clue…

1: Clear tail lights.
This is one of many fads that has recently gained steam and that I will never be able to understand. Clear tail lights looked terrible 15 years ago when Cadillac used them on the Seville, and they haven’t gotten any more attractive over the years. Instead, they’ve just grown overused. They look cheap and not nearly as attractive as simple RED lenses. I don’t think there’s a fad out there that bores me or annoys me as much as clear tail lights.

2: Goofy hood seams.
Another one I just can’t understand. Hood seams, like ALL panel seams, should be HIDDEN. Why is it that so many models are putting them in the most obvious places possible? Culprits: Last-gen Chevy Silverado, V36 G35, Mercedes Benz C-class, late-model Dodge Ram. All of these cars, save the G, have the hood gap on the SIDE of the hood. Why? What was wrong with having the hood’s edges on TOP of the car? It looked infinitely better. And as for the G…the seam  is on top of a bulge that’s already terrible looking on it’s own–but the way the hood is designed, that ugly bulge also serves as a giant “Panel Gap HERE!!!!” neon sign. Terrible.

3: Plastic bulges.
Pointiac made cars with excessive bulging and strakes for years. Everyone hated it. As soon as Pontiac started backing off, everyone else picked up right where they left off! BMW’s new 3 and 1 series are so bulge-ridden, they could pass for ex-monster-truck fodder. And Toyota is just as guilty of Pontiac of using glue-on plastic chunks to add “aggressive” styling cues to their cars. Has anyone looked at the rear of a Corolla S? What the HELL is going on there? Plastic triangles? What is that? Little tip for car designers: Cars shouldn’t look like they’re melting. Although, a blowtorch would really do wonders for an Avalanche, Nitro or an Element.

4: Triangular headlights.
This is one that many people were tired of before it even really took off. But now it’s everywhere. We even see companies swapping out traditional headlights for triangular ones on cars that looked great with traditional ones to begin with. EVERYTHING has triangular headlights now. Diamante, 350Z, Accord, Celica, XL-7… It’s time to do something different. And hopefully attractive. Because 9 out of 10 cars with triangular headlights look like crap.

5: Bangle Butt.
How is it possible for the most hated fad in automotive styling history to become so widely used? Cars from every category are getting the Bangle Butt treatment, from econoboxes to ultralux sedans and everything in between. But no one likes it. Not one single person. So why the hell are people designing cars with the look? STOP. MAKING. CARS. WITH. BANGLE. BUTTS. The most universally hated automotive styling icon in the history of the universe is also the most widely copied? To try to make sense of the prevalence of the Bangle Butt phenomenon is to test the limits of human understanding.

6: Ridiculously high beltlines.
I remember the days when you could drive your car with the window down and actually stick your elbow out the window while using the sill as an arm rest. Not in 2007. Unless you’re 9 feet tall. Because these days, cars are like bathtubs. Side  windows are about 3 inches tall. The rest of the height of the car is occupied by upholstery. Why? I couldn’t tell you. But I can tell you that it’s stupid. Please: think of the DRIVER of your cars. Drop the beltline just a few inches. It won’t hurt a thing.

7: Bulky door handles.
It’s like a 1970s revival! What happened to the sleek, blended door handles of the ’90s? Now we’ve got bulky Bell Telephone handles sticking out of everything. What’s the deal? Maybe they should be made out of Bakelite. Better yet, let’s just put DOOR KNOBS on them instead! Hell, every car on the market already has remote keyless entry – Would it kill automakers to have the doors actually POP OPEN?

8: Fender vents.
I HATE fender vents. They’re on everything now. They have NEVER looked good on any car ever. And they’re only becoming more common. Buick’s bringing them back. They’re on the M3. They’re on the Range Rover. They’re even available with 3M double-sided tape on ebay so you can PRETEND you have fender vents. Stop the madness, because pointless design features SUCK.

9: Decklid spoilers.
First off, not a “spoiler” by any definition of the term. Best we can do is call it a “wing”, and even then it’s a misuse of the word. Here’s a heads-up to all auto manufacturers: If you’d design a properly aerodynamic car in the first place, you wouldn’t have to tack on a “spoiler” afterwards! Besides, most cars with these plastic monstrosities are front-wheel drive,  which means A: They don’t need downforce, and B: They’re slow anyway. Nothing says “poser” like a plastic wing glued to a trunklid.

10: Uni-tails.
Hate to pick on Detroit again, but they’re guilty. Yep. So, you’re looking at an Impala. Has 4 round taillights, right? Why does the red plastic panel cover 16 acres? Dodge did it too (think Stratus and Intrepid). Even Furd has gotten in on the game, with the monster tails on its trucks – But only a small fraction of it lights up! Think we could maybe eliminate all that extra plastic and just french in the taillights, a la Corvette? Minimalism is a good thing sometimes.

Chris Snider is a Moderator on NICOclub’s Nissan Forums and an occasional contributor of vitriolic rants…

Nissan GTR Engine – Revealed Here!

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According to sources from within Nissan North America, the long-awaited Nissan GT-R will NOT be powered by an engine from the ubiquitous VQ line of motors.Rumors have swirled for months about the possibility of more displacement, less displacement, forced induction, natural-aspiration, not from the VQ family at all.

Now we know the truth… Nissan GTR Engine Revealed Here!

August 9, 2007

August 16th, 2008: G37 Release Day

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With August 16th rapidly approaching, Infiniti dealerships are starting to receive the first shipments of the G37 coupe for the unveiling ceremonies happening across the country. Numerous members of NICO are heading out to dealerships in order to get an early “sneak peak” at the new “top dog” of the 2008 Infiniti lineup.
Keep apprised of pricing and new developments at Infiniti G37 Forums!

August 7, 2007

NICOclub Welcomes Danny Mayer and Steve Burhans!

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NICOclub is proud to introduce the two newest members of the NICOclub team, Danny Mayer and Steve Burhans!

Danny Mayer –

Danny Mayer has worked in the automobile industry for over 25 years in virtually every executive, sales and administrative position, and most recently was the General Manager of the largest, most successful Infiniti dealership in the nation.  He’s currently authoring a weekly column called “Street Talk” for NICOclub.

Street Talk is a pull-no-punches look at the automobile industry and specifically the issues surrounding the purchase of a new or used car, from someone who knows the business better than most.

So, if you have questions about the car buying process, especially concerning new Infinitis, all you have to do is “Ask Danny” at [email protected]!

Steve Burhans

Steve Burhans comes to us as the former CEO of FreshAlloy.  Steve brings over 30 years experience in all facets of business management, from sales and marketing to Information Technology. Steve has provided management direction for several organizations as they built and deployed their internet systems.

Steve headed up the marketing effort at NIC Technologies, was Western Region Director for SAIC/Network Solutions, a $4 billion technology integration firm, where he was responsible for assisting in the development of the company’s Commercial Information Technology strategy, and has most recently launched Luxury Auto Bids, a joint effort with Danny Mayer that will revolutionize the car buying experience.

He’ll be contributing occasional editorial content as well as providing members with relevant and valuable  insight on the automotive industry.

Please join us in welcoming these two professionals to the team!

August 5, 2007 Unveils Major Redesign

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On August 5, unveiled its first major redesign in nearly two years.  Increased functionality and an attractive interface were the goals, and it appears to have been a success.

As membership topped 70,000, we were inundated with additional content that wasn’t being showcased appropriately.  Now, this information can be displayed in the manner it deserves.

NICOclub’s web designer, Matt Moody, spent countless hours developing a useful and pleasant design for the site, and it’s already being touted as “user-friendly”, “professional”, and easy to navigate.

We hope you like the recent changes, and look forward to continuing to serve the Nissan enthusiast community for many years to come.

August 1, 2007

Desert Fuel / AZhitman Team up for XPrize

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PHOENIX, Arizona, August 1, 2007 – Desert Fuel, a team competing in the Automotive X PRIZE (AXP) competition is announcing that a letter of intent to compete has been signed and officially accepted by the AXP.

As stated by AXP: teams will compete for multi-million-dollar cash prizes by designing and building super-efficient vehicles. 

  • The AXP competition is all about building practical and clean cars that will achieve 100 MPG or its equivalent.
  • We don’t know what technology will power winning car designs. All we care about is results – the creation of real, clean and super-efficient vehicles that people want to buy. 
  • Winners will come in two different categories – Mainstream and Alternative 
  • Our gauge of success will be a new benchmark, called MPGe, for Miles per Gallon Equivalent that will take into account energy equivalence no matter what the source. 
  • Extremely low emissions will also be required in order to stem the effects cars are having on climate change.
  • The AXP, through rigorous selection criteria, will qualify vehicles that are marketable and pass intensive evaluations. Following that, a compelling road race will further test the vehicles to determine winners.

Desert Fuel plans to compete in the mainstream category and has embarked on the development of a cutting edge prototype vehicle for the AXP competition.  The vehicle will utilize LED lighting both internally and externally, including head lights, tail lights, back lighting, and various displays.  Since the main drive motor will be electric, the vehicle will have the ability to plug into standard AC wall outlets, tapping into worldwide power grids.  The main drive train will consist of direct drive three phase AC electric motors capable of approximately 400 foot pounds of torque.  Solar energy will be used to recharge the vehicle for short commutes, reducing the strain on the power grid and increasing the fuel economy of the vehicle. A four cylinder biodiesel generator will provide the electric power for long distance driving. Since fuel economy is of the utmost importance, the vehicle will recapture lost energy through regenerative braking, exhaust fed reluctance generators, and steam power energy recapture.  Ready to use power will be provided to passengers via four built in charging units; two for small devices, and two for large (over 70 watt) devices utilizing iTip technology from Mobility Electronics, Inc. 


Desert Fuel is a grassroots team led by two brothers, Bryan and Jason McCoy.  Bryan brings a new perspective to the power management systems in traditional vehicles with his electrical engineering background. Jason has an extensive mechanical background in fabrication and restoration; having worked on cars since his youth.   When asked why the brothers have entered the competition, they replied: “Our goal is to provide discerning consumers the opportunity to purchase an affordable, reliable, and serviceable vehicle which is an ecological step in the right direction.”

For more information about Desert Fuel, please visit or email [email protected].


The goal of the Automotive X PRIZE (AXP) is to inspire a new generation of viable, super-efficient vehicles that help break our addiction to oil and stem the effects of climate change. The multi-million dollar AXP purse will be awarded to the teams that win a stage race for clean, production-capable vehicles that exceed 100 miles per gallon equivalent fuel economy. For more information please visit or email [email protected].


The X PRIZE Foundation is an educational nonprofit prize institute whose mission is to create radical breakthroughs for the benefit of humanity. On October 4, 2004, the X PRIZE Foundation captured world headlines when Mojave Aerospace Ventures, led by legendary aircraft designer Burt Rutan and Microsoft Co-founder Paul Allen, built and flew the world’s first private vehicle to space twice in two weeks to win the $10 million Ansari X PRIZE. The Foundation has since expanded its mission beyond space exploration to offer new prizes for breakthroughs in the health sciences, energy and the environment, education and global entrepreneurship. In October of 2006, the X PRIZE Foundation announced the $10 million Archon X PRIZE for genomics, which will reward the first private effort to map 100 human genomes in 10 days ushering in a new era of personalized preventative medicine. For more information please visit or email [email protected].

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