November 25, 2007

More Power Through Alcohol and Water Injection!

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Want to run more boost then you are now? Want to increase power another 20%? Want to advance your timing and still run pump gas? Of course you do – Here’s a great primer on what you’ll need to know, and it’s easier than it sounds.

 Alcohol Injection for Turbo Engines.

November 14, 2007

Forum Poster Contributes to Ron Paul Campaign, Makes News

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Jesda Gulati, a business administration student in suburban St. Louis, and owner of Gulati Books, a used college textbooks business, makes Fox News.

Hear Gulati’s insight and thoughts on the non-traditional Ron Paul presidential campaign.

Jesda Gulati is also a driving force behind, a resource for Infiniti Q45 owners.

November 13, 2007

VH45DE, the engine swap your 240sx wants!

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Swapping a V8 into a Nissan 240sx may not have seemed feasible ten years ago when the last 240sx rolled into the U.S. However, times have indeed changed. These days any manner of V8, V6, and inline 6 or 4 cylinder worthy of building up has found its way into the engine bay of the venerable 240sx.

One thing still remains a rarity though, swapping a Nissan-badged V8 into a 240sx! Well, not for Jerry M. of Miami Florida – NICO screen name gs14racer. Jerry is the proud owner of a 1995 S14 240sx and he’s no stranger to the platform! This is his third S14 in the past 4 years; his last one had a Nissan SR20DET motor with approx 360whp, and was used at multiple track events! Jerry’s current car is the real deal though, boasting 4.5 liters of Nissan V8 goodness, with a power plant found in a US-Spec 90-95 Infiniti Q45 or non-US Market 89-01 Nissan President. Jerry’s no slouch when it comes to re-working nearly everything on the car, for a unique and definitely remarkable ride!

Check out the rest of Jerry’s build here:   240sx V8 Swap

November 1, 2007

Carve a pumpkin with your favorite forum?

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Yeah, the annual Halloween tradition is alive and well at NICOclub – Check out some of the awesome entries we revcceived THIS year in the NICOclub Pumpkin Carving Contest!

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