June 27, 2006

About Me…

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Greg was born in Ozark, AL and has lived in MS, PR, KS, MA, and AZ, but considers AZ his “adopted home”. He has worked in the mental health and law enforcement fields, and holds a BA in Psychology with a focus on research methodology from the University of Arizona. He’s currently on hiatus from ASU where he is a couple classes away from a Masters in Criminal Justice with an emphasis on Program Administration. Greg is currently employed by the State of Arizona as a Special Investigator / Senior Auditor.

Greg is married to Stacey (NICOmom) for the past 12 years and credits her with being the driving force behind the success of NICO. Stacey is a full-time Mom, a cancer survivor, and until very recently ran her own daycare business. They have two sons and a daughter (15, 10 and 8 ) and are rabid football fans (both boys play football). Greg’s a HUGE Atlanta Falcons fan, and has been since he was a kid, Stacey’s a die-hard Giants fan. They have 2 Labradors, a black and a yellow, named Jake and Reagan.

Greg’s love of automobile appearance and performance started as a little kid, with an enormous collection of Hot Wheels car, then progressed into his building finely-detailed plastic models. As he got older, he participated in the full restoration of a ’49 Oldsmobile with his Dad, a retired Naval Aviator, and progressed with his single-handed restoration to show-winning condition of a customized ’68 Buick GranSport (which he regrettably sold during some “lean times”). The import bug bit in 1992 when he bought a beat-down ’84 CRX which he converted into a solid performer, and swapped out for a ’94 Civic Si in 1995, which was also extensively modded. He came to know Infinitis after purchasing a Q45 in 2001, and the rest is history. None of Greg’s cars remain stock for long; they’re all modified in some way or another, and he’s a self-professed “cheapskate” when it comes to modifications – “eBay and NICO discounts from our advertisers are your friend”.

As if life wasn’t busy enough, the NICO family frequently hosts weekend “Tech Days” in Greg’s garage, where the local Nissan owners come by to work on their cars, tell lies, eat NICOmom’s great cooking, and have an awesome time.

Greg took over operations of NICO in 2003 from Dr. Rex Birkmire, the founder of NICO, and plans to continue to build NICO (with a TON of help from the other Administrators and Moderators) and retain its position as the largest and most comprehensive Nissan resource on the Internet.

His automotive plans include finishing his Convertible and restoring his Datsun Roadsters.


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