July 28, 2007

Lines, Signs, and Things That Go Bump

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Today’s motorist has to deal with all kinds of challenged car owners.  These owners range from high on the idiot scale to high on the “It’s all about me and you don’t count” mentality level.  Being someone who spends a lot of time on the road, I could go on and on about what these people are doing wrong on the roads but that would turn this article into a novel.  Instead, I will concentrate on Lines, Signs and Things That Go Bump.


What are lines when it comes to travel?  Usually, they are markers for the road in which you are traveling.  By law, or common sense, they actually mean something regardless of what other drivers seem to believe.  These lines may be on the roadway, parking lot or even on curbs.  The problems we have with challenged drivers is their interpretation of what these lines mean.  ON the roadway, these lines are to inform the driver whether they are in a passing zone or not.  Unfortunately it seems someone has been teaching motorists that these lines are simple decorations or can be discarded at a whim.  Two lines and the vehicle in front of you is doing 5mph over the speed limit?  Why, they are simply there to show you which lane you can move into to pass. It does not matter what, where or when you do it for these drivers have a right to do as they will.  Unfortunately, oncoming traffic and those who are turn-signal challenged feel they can do as they will as well.  Makes for some interesting scenarios.

What about those yellow or white lines in a parking lot?  Are they there to show parking spaces?  Only if you want to park.  To others they are meaningless in their persuit to make their way to their destinations.  40mph across a parking lot, going in between parked cars, must be quite the thrill. Why, the vehicle I witnessed today must have been going 45mph+ crossing the lot at an angle just so he can get in front of me and run a stop sign.  My was he in a hurry.  It was just unfortunate that a 18-wheeler did not pull out in time to total his crappy Honda Accord.  Of course, he would have blamed the accident on the truck and not his actions. I love seeing these people in fender benders.  I just wish the police would put them behind bars for being mentally challenged.  Electric Shock Therapy would be a good mandatory sentance for this kind of stupidity.


Signs, signs, everywhere are signs.  While they may be blocking scenery they are not there to be ignored.  Unless you too are an idiot (which you may well be if you are chuckling right now).  Stop does not mean to simply slow down.  Yield is actually a word you should learn.  No passing has nothing to do with the bean burrito you ate for lunch.  Handicapped is for those with physical disabilities instead of mental.  The list can go on and on.  Those same drivers who are too much into themselves or simply too stupid to understand what they mean should shred their license and take a bus.  Remember, you are not the only driver on the road.  “Share the road” needs to be added to your vocabulary.

Things That Go Bump

Door dings.  Most vehicles have them in some form or manner, even if the owner parks 5-bazillion rows back. There are two primary kinds of people who give door dings. Those who are not considerate and those who leave buggys in parking lots.  The inconsiderate ones range from “I simply do not care about your car in the least” to those who are size-challenged (ok, let’s call a spade a spade.  You are fat). Inconsiderate = throw open a door and don’t care.  Those who are fat prefer to press their door into yours, then use their door as leverage to get out, thus leaving a nice creased scratch.  See them do it?  It’s a waste of time to say anything as they simply stare at you with a, “Is the grease from my cheese burger still on my chin” look as they flick McDonalds french fry crumbs from their fingers. These are usually the same ones who refuse to walk 20 feet to put a buggy away properly.  They probably enjoy sitting in parking lots during windy days so they can see buggys bouncing off other cars like a life-size pinball machine while stuffing their face with a McFatty.

This is going where?

I understand some people simply see vehicles as transportation and that is absolutely fine with me.  BUT, people need to be considerate of others that share the same space where people drive and park.  As a car enthusiast, seeing people so self absorbed where they have no care at all to those around is concerning.  I wonder why these people have no care for anything but themselves.  I have my own thoughts on the subject but will stop here at this time.  Regardless, I plead with you all to pay attention to what is happening around you and to be considerate of others.  It’s not much to ask is it?  I’m considerate of you and your property, shouldn’t you be considerate of mine?  Or, am I simply dreaming of a society that will never happen?  I sure hope not.

Guest contributor Matt Moody is a Moderator on Maxima Forums.

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